Dubai Islamic bank is the best way to get the most extraordinary and excellent financial services in an authentic Islamic way. This bank is serving for many years,  it is also considered the second most popular bank after the Emirates NBD. The reason is it’s top-notch and higher-level assistance based on Islamic sharia laws. This bank is particularly constructed for all those individuals that are not interested in any other bank due to the high-interest rate. Because of this reason they search for such banks and they always trust the services of Dubai Islamic bank.  

Especially, when it comes to personal loan, so people including expats are very much relieved. Because they get their required personal loan amount here without paying the high-interest rates. A candidate can also attain several kinds of information relevant to DIB and its financial products through the internet. Even the DIB loan calculator will be also available on the internet and the official website of DIB. This article will reveal some facts about the functioning of Dubai Islamic bank plus the relationship of personal loan with it. Also, explain the method of online personal loan calculation effectively.  

Reasons to Get a personal loan from DIB  

  • The first and foremost reason behind this loan-taking scenario is the rapid authorization of the loan service. Through Dubai Islamic bank you can get access to personal loan without facing long rows. Even you can easily apply within your own home by just applying with its official website. The online application method is very convenient for all those who are not able to come to the branch of the bank  
  • Another major reason to take this DIB personal loan is it’s Islam-based loan service. Some people don’t like to get loans because of the high-interest rates. DIB is giving you the solution to your problem and gives you a loan at very easy rates plus a long-term duration.   
  • The next main reason is that, this bank will give you enough amount of loan according to your need. You will not find it difficult at all and the process will be done effectively without taking much time. 
  • The staff of this bank is so cooperative and humble. Whenever you want to touch them, they will be available anytime for you. They will respond to you on the spot and will give you every info about the personal loan service of DIB.  

Dib Personal loan calculator  

To get the answer of your installments and to get other major essential information, the calculator is the best option. Dib is giving you the online loan calculator facility also, which is available on its website. Just search it on the internet and you will see a proper pattern with empty spaces. You will have to enter the information, like the amount of loan, period, and goal of the loan, after these 3 spaces, there are some other options. For example, you will have to select the option between salaried, self-employed, or businessman. After that put your monthly income and select the option of “income transfer to bank or not”. By using this Dib personal loan calculator, you will obtain the monthly installment plus much more relevant info.  

Amount of personal loan and eligibility  

The amount of the personal loan will be almost 2 million AED for all the citizens of the UAE. The requirement for the least salary will be up to 3000 AED with a minimum age of 21 years. Bring along your all important documents, valid ID, and visa/passport. Especially the salary slips and history of credit will be also fundamental.