Mexican entertainer Gael García Bernal has acted in Spanish and English movies like ‘Y Tu Mamá También’ and the vivified ‘Coco’; he won a Brilliant Globe for his job in the Amazon series ‘Mozart of the Wilderness.’

Who Is Gael García Bernal?

Gael García Bernal, brought into the world in 1978, had entertainer guardians who acquainted him with the universe of performing. He proceeded to star with Diego Luna, a companion from his earliest stages, in the acclaimed film Y Tu Mamá También (2001). A local Spanish speaker, García Bernal is likewise familiar with English and has made motion pictures and network shows in the two dialects. However his list of qualifications includes a few Hollywood creations, including Coco (2017) and “Mozart of the Wilderness” (2014-18), but this work isn’t the focal point of his vocation. García Bernal has utilized his public profile to resolve gives that worry him, like the connection between Mexico and the US and the environmental emergency. Notwithstanding Spanish and English, he communicates in Portuguese. García Bernal has three kids.

When Was Gael García Bernal Conceived?

Gael García Bernal was brought into the world on November 30, 1978, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.


He dated Natalie Portman (2003-2007) and Cecilia Suárez (2001-2003).

Has been in a relationship with Argentine entertainer Dolores Fonzi (2006-2014) they have a child, Lázaro, and a little girl, Libertad.

He began dating Mexican columnist Fernanda Aragonés in 2019, they have one youngster.

Guardians and Family:

García Bernal was brought into the world to Patricia Bernal, an entertainer and model, and José Ángel García, an entertainer and chief. His folks isolated him when he was youthful. His stepfather likewise worked in media outlets as a cinematographer.

Early Career:

García Bernal’s most memorable TV job was on a telenovela, a Mexican drama, in 1989. He additionally showed up in short movies.

At the point when García Bernal was 17, an understudy strike in Mexico provoked him to go to Europe. He signed up for the Focal School of Discourse and Show in London, and at 18, he turned into the school’s most memorable Mexican understudy. Grant for Best Unknown dialect Film and raised García Bernal’s profile.

Gael García Bernal Height and Weight:

How tall is Gael García Bernal and what is his weight? nick cannon height level is 5′ 7″ іn fееt аnd іnсhеѕ or 170 іn cеntіmеtrеѕ, his weight is 154.5 іn pоunds or 70 іn kіlоgrаmѕ. Gael García Bernal is 44 years of age.

What Is García Bernal Known For?

In El crimen del padre Amaro (2002; The Wrongdoing of Father Amaro), García Bernal played a minister whose contact with a youngster prompts her passing by unlawful fetus removal. García Bernal was undisturbed by the fights the film created.

With the progress of Y Tu Mamá También, García Bernal had different proposals to browse, including ones from Hollywood studios. He selected to depict a youthful Ché Guevara’s excursion across South America in Bike Journals (2004). García Bernal felt a genuine association with this film, saying in 2018, “This is a story that has a place with me, a story I can tell.”

TV Shows:

For four seasons, García Bernal was featured as a capable and driven guide in Amazon’s “Mozart in the Wilderness.” He won a Brilliant Globe for the job in 2016. In 2021, he was found in “Station Eleven,” a series set a very long time after a pandemic cleared out the greater part of the human populace.

García Bernal is happy with acting in English and Spanish, yet feels working in every language is unique. “At the point when it’s in Spanish, I can see pretty much the design of it. I can see further into it and participate in changing it substantially more. With an English-talking project, it’s consistently a piece like being welcome to play in a band.”

Chief and Maker:

García Bernal coordinated Déficit (2007) and Chicuarotes (2019). He likewise established a creation organization and a narrative film celebration with his companion Luna.

Individual Life:

García Bernal had a relationship with Natalie Portman. He shares a child, Lázaro (b. 2009), and a little girl, Libertad (b. 2011), with Argentine entertainer Dolores Fonzi. García Bernal’s relationship with Fonzi finished in 2014.

García Bernal is politically connected and transparently shares his perspectives. As a youngster, he calmly upheld the Zapatista uprising nick cannon height Mexican territory of Chiapas. He utilized a 2003 appearance at the Oscars to voice resistance to the Iraq War. In 2017, he censured then-President Donald Trump’s arrangements for a line wall.


Moved on from Edron Foundation in Álvaro Obregón.

Gone to the Public Independent College of Mexico.

Learned at the Regal Focal School of Discourse and Show in London.
Has a stepsister, Tamara Yazbek, and a stepbrother, Dario Yazbek Bernal.

Has Mexican lineage.

He was assigned to the BAFTA Rising Star Grant in 2006.

Old buddy with entertainer Diego Luna.

Ally of Pardon Worldwide

Best Movies:

He won the Ariel Grant for Best Entertainer for his job as Octavio in the mental show film Loves Perros (2000).

He was named for the Ariel Grants for Best Entertainer for his parts in films:

You’re Killing Me Susana (2016) parody Eligio

Exhibition hall (2018) shows the heist as Juan Nuñez

He was designated for the Chicago Film Pundits Affiliation Grant for Most Encouraging Entertainer for his job as Julio Zapata in the heartfelt show film Y Tu Mamá También (2001).

He was selected for the BAFTA Grant for Best Entertainer in the Main Job for his exhibition as Ernesto “Che” Guevara in the personal film The Bike Journals (2004).