This is a question many people ask themselves when they must make a house change. You can have the material already, which is cardboard boxes of the right sizes for each object, with elements to close the boxes such as adhesive tape with filling substances to cushion any blows, like bubble wrap.

We can also assign boxes to different rooms. However, this does not guarantee success. While packing a mirror it’s important to know how to pack mirror for moving.

It is important to plan how the boxes will be organized, how each box will be stacked, and how the boxes will be prepared for the moving company employees.

There are several tips we need to consider organizing the boxes for a move:

Right size

It is not a rule but must place heavy items such as books in small boxes, and lighter items such as pillows, sheets, or cushions in larger ones.

Moving professionals often complain about large boxes containing heavy objects. They are not only more difficult to work with, but also more likely to break.

Place heavy items in the bottom of the boxes and then place lighter items on top

For balance, professionals will place the largest ones first in the van or moving truck.

Do not leave any gaps

You can fill the spaces with clothes, towels, or packing papers. Unbalanced or loose boxes may be a problem for movers.

Do not mix items from different rooms into the same box.

It will make packing and unpacking faster and easier. Another important thing is to know how much does pod storage cost these days.

They should be labeled with the intended room

This will allow you and others involved in the move to know exactly where each box is. It’s a great way to organize your boxes and keep track of everything you’ve packed.

Ask the carrier for special packaging if you are moving art objects.

Oil paintings should not be wrapped in plain paper. They will stick to the paper. To frame images behind glass, place an X on top of the glass. This will strengthen it and keep it from breaking.

Packing dishes

Wrap your plates with wrapping paper. Then wrap the six or more packages in the additional paper. Place dishes on their sides and not flat. Bunched paper is used as a top and bottom filler.

You might also want to consider other items that may require special attention.

Wrapping televisions in padded pads will make them look like other furniture. If you don’t own the original box for your plasma TV, it is best to use a special wooden box. It can also be damaged if it is laid flat.



There are many types and styles of moving bundles. Some boxes have handles while others have interlocking flaps. They can be large or small, strong in structure, and robust in composition.

You can also buy boxes from several locations if you don’t hire a moving company. You can also buy moving boxes online if you plan to organize them yourself.