Ovarian cancer is the formation of cancer cells in the tissues of the ovary (a pair of female reproductive glands). Treatment for ovary cancer in Delhi indeed offers healing and beneficial results, but they also result in emotional and physical changes.

Some may experience several side effects, while others may feel none. It’s advisable to consult your treatment specialist and their team regarding any ongoing or new side effects. They will discuss the ways to manage them.

Until then, this article will help you learn some tips to manage the most common side effects produced after treatment for ovary cancer in Delhi.

For Pain:

You must avoid wearing tight shoes or clothes that compress the painful parts of the body. While you recover from the surgical procedure, the doctor may prescribe some pain relief medications.

Typically, they prescribe antidepressants, an anti-seizure medicine, pain-numbing patches, and short-term steroids for neuropathy or long-lasting pain.

They may prescribe opioids if you suffer from severe pain. Complementary or substitute therapies, including biofeedback and acupuncture, are recommended as non-drug pain relief treatment solutions.

For Appetite Changes & Nausea:

Drink fluids like ginger ale or tea and water all day long. Avoid eating spicy, fried, or greasy foods. Skip any food that makes you nauseous.

If required, the doctor can also prescribe anti-nausea medicine. You can opt for acupuncture therapy if you need to control your vomiting or nausea from chemo.

For Anemia:

You must consume more foods that are rich in iron and protein. Try balancing daily life activities by giving yourself ample time for rest to conserve energy.

Consult the doctor if you want to know whether you need iron supplements. The doctor may recommend a blood transfusion or prescription medications if you experience severe anemia.

For Hair Loss:

Many women decide to chop off their hair before chemotherapy. Try using gentle, mild shampoos. Protect your hair by avoiding the use of rollers or curling irons.

In the event that your hair starts falling out, start wearing a head wrap, hat, or wig. If you choose to go bald outside, you should protect the scalp by applying sunscreen.

For Infections:

Try not to go anywhere crowded or someplace with sick people as it exposes you to the risk of infection. Always wash your hands and take a regular bath to keep yourself clean and germs-free.

Try to avoid cutting your skin while trimming the nails. Also, drink lots of fluids and take ample rest.

For Fatigue:

Schedule time for taking rest in a day. It’s ideal for taking a nap for one hour every day. But don’t nap for more than that, as it can disrupt your sleep at night.

To gain energy, consume protein-rich food items. Drink a lot of fluids and try not to drink alcohol or caffeine as it could affect your sleep.

For GI Issues:

If you feel constipated, exercise regularly, eat fiber-rich food, and drink lots of fluid. You can become dehydrated from diarrhea, which lowers sodium and potassium levels in your body.

Try eating small meals, drinking lots of fluids, and skipping caffeine or dairy. If constant wiping or diarrhea makes you feel sore at the bottom, use a washcloth dipped in warm water to soothe the area.

Avoid consuming OTC medications for managing your symptoms of diarrhea until your doctor recommends or prescribes them to you.

For Chemo Brain:

Note down the crucial information or dates in your notebook. If not, you can also store such info on your smartphone. You can boost and enhance your mental focus with some regular exercise.

If things start to get worse, consult the doctor. To ease such symptoms, your doctor may prescribe stimulant medications to you.You can get relief from the early symptoms of menopause with hormone replacement therapy.

For Early Menopause:

You can prevent vaginal dryness by using lubricants or vaginal estrogen. To treat hot flashes and sweats, the doctor may prescribe you some antidepressants. To ease and enjoy intercourse, use vaginal estrogen creams or water-soluble lubes. Choose to have sex with your partner when you feel energized.

For Sexual Side Effects:

Make sure you take rest before and after intercourse. Discuss this side effect with your partner. Not only intercourse but kissing or cuddling can also let you enjoy intimacy.

If needed, ask your healthcare providers to suggest exercises that would strengthen your vaginal dilators or pelvic floor muscles.

Ending Note

With this comprehensive guide on the best management tips for the side effects of ovarian cancer treatment, your life can surely become less difficult.

If you still experience some of these side effects even after trying the managing tips, you should consult the best doctor for the treatment of ovary cancer in Delhi. You must avoid wearing tight shoes or clothes that compress the painful parts of the body. While you recover from the surgical procedure, the doctor may prescribe some pain relief medications.

BLK Max Hospital in Delhi has some of India’s best and top-ranked ovary cancer specialists available for treatment. So, you can start your take-care journey from there.

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