The likes of Andre the Giant, Big Show, and The Great Khali beat their warring parties, however, who turned into it to show people incorrect through uprooting bushes?


Here are the 15 shortest WWE wrestlers of all time, in step with Sport Lister. Not all are as clear cut as anticipated although… Click here

15. Daniel Bryan (5’10)

When you suspect younger wrestlers, Daniel Bryan probably does not come to mind. As a grappling and submission expert, however, his peak, or lack thereof, comes in reachable.

14. Owen Hart (5’10)

Hart is of direction a famous call in WWE and Owen Hart is 5’10 much like Daniel Bryan.

13. Tyson Kidd (5’10)

Speaking of the Hart family and the final graduate of the Hart Dungeon, Tyson Kidd is subsequent. He is also married to Natalie, the niece of both Owen and Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.

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12. Chavo Guerrero (5’9)

Drop an inch to five-nine and have another well-known call. Eddie Guerrero became a well-preferred figure, at the same time as their nephew Chavo Guerrero became quite of a heel.

11. Tajiri (5’9)

Tajiri, who debuted in 2001, regularly used his dirty distinctiveness Green Mist in the ring.

10. Brian Kendrick (5’8)

Brian Kendrick became a tag team champion in WWE with Paul London in the mid-2000s.

9. Eddie Guerrero (5’8)

From Chavo to Eddie, the latter, who sadly surpassed away, coming in at 9.

8. Sin Cara (5’7)

Reminiscent of Rey Mysterio, who also features on this list, of course, the masked Sin Cara is a true luchador in stature, ring attire, and athleticism.

7. Funaki (5’7)

Funaki became as soon as the Cruiserweight Champion before dropping to Chavo Guerrero.

6. Evan Bourne (5’7)

It’s not especially unexpected that many small wrestlers are high-flyers, and this is the case with Evan Bourne. He partnered with Kofi Kingston as a part of the tag group Air Born.

5. Rey Mysterio (5’6)

The aforementioned Rey Mysterio is one of the maximum iconic stars in WWE history, from the 619 to his love-hate relationship with Batista.

4. Kalisto (5’6)

From one masked guy to another 5’6 with Rey Mysterio as Kalisto.

3. Spike Dudley (5’5)

The first call at the podium is Spike Dudley, a household call within the industry in conjunction with D-Von and Bubba Ray.

2. Drake Maverick (5’4)

After all, Drake Maverick belongs to a greater modern-day generation of WWE.

1. Hornswoggle (4’5)

At the pinnacle of the list is the iconic Hornswoggle. He is the best guy beneath 5 toes and his partnership with Finlay and Te Shillelagh is historic.

Many tall wrestlers have been a part of WWE, a number of them are even over 7 ft tall. Wrestlers along with Omos, Shanky, King Corbin, and Drew McIntyre have featured on the listing of top combatants. But in the past, there have been a few wrestlers with massive peaks and physiques just like the Great Khali, Big Show, and Andre the Giant.


The taller a WWE Superstar is, the more powerful he looks and makes a name for himself within the agency. Even a number of the shorter wrestlers have made it large in WWE.

In a protracted career as a sports activities entertainer, Tajiri has wrestled everywhere in the world, culminating in his run in WWE between 2001 and 2006. Tajiri has become very underrated inside the ring, as he becomes capable of wearing amazing suits. . Consistently – Many fans will tell you that Tajiri should have been an extra focal point in WWE then he becomes replaced.


However, size was no longer on Tajiri’s facet anymore, as “The Japanese Buzzsaw” without problems stood five ft nine inches, making him one of the shortest wrestlers on WWE record. Still, Tajiri was a memorable Superstar, and enthusiasts had been humming ever since Tajiri introduced his contract with WWE in 2016. Unfortunately, Tajiri turned into no longer of a great deal of use at the Cruiserweight Classic and become released. After being absent for the 2017 time body.


Evan Bourne became an underrated superstar in WWE at some point in the course of his five-12 months run with the organization, because the most effective championship Bourne held in WWE turned into the tag group title with Kofi Kingston. However, a possible motive at the back of Evan’s lack of large achievement in WWE is that he violated several organization rules in 2011 and early 2012 respectively.