Some forms of packaging are definitely better than others. The most essential forms of packaging for the wholesale of items need to be prioritized. Use custom rigid boxes to get the most out of your packaging design, and make waves that you competitors can barely compete with. Here are 7 trends that you need to keep in mind to help you differentiate from the rest and set your product apart from the noise and clutter, keeping you ahead of the curve!

Trend 1: Protective Packaging

One essential reason you should use protective packaging is your products safety. With rigid boxes you can rest assured knowing that all of your best and most useful products are all safe from the damages of travel or storage. When transporting products across long distances oftentimes many units can become damaged in transport and will result in loss. Once you have the right kind of packaging, you can make sure your products are safe. Similarly, when storing products different hazards such as leaks or different climate conditions can have an adverse impact. Prevent these affects by using the right kind of customized packaging for your brand.

Trend 2: Unique Patterns for Rigid Boxes

This is a trend we are behind. What sets your regular rigid boxes apart from luxury rigid boxes is that the latter feature some unique patterns, shapes, colors, and features that make it stand out even before customers have a chance to use your product. Make sure that the designs you put through are appealing to your target audience, try pilot runs with different kinds of packaging to see which ones get you the biggest market share in terms of purchases and brand visibility.

Trend 3: Brand Image Building

Your custom rigid boxes have the ability to convey your brand’s choice of words very effectively directly to the consumer. Use your brand image to increase your products growth and vice versa! This loop can help propel your brand beyond what your competitors have to offer!

Trend 4: Include Product Description

With each product you roll out, the product needs to be clearly defined in the packaging. Always ensure that your communication is clear above all else. No one will buy your product if they don’t understand it in the slightest. This may be the reason why your product isn’t doing too well, mainly because the description isn’t too appealing. Consider hiring a copywriter to help figure out the exact text which would perform best.

Trend 5: Customization Potential

Creating the perfect user experience is mainly what your customized packaging will help with. If you opt for magnetic closure rigid boxes, you need to fully explore options to make sure that the final packaging is as luxurious as you claim it is. Otherwise, you may not be using the customization potential to the fullest, and that will impact the way that you brand and product are received by the market.

Trend 6: Increasing the Perceived Value of Your Product

If you can find a way to say more by saying less, then that way will be packaging. The right blend of minimal or other design features will help create a more positive brand image in the minds of your consumers. Creating value is oftentimes simpler than you may think. You just have to pay attention to the kind of people you’re marketing to, and once you find the right insight, create actionable ideas and bring them to life. Other approaches to marketing may work, but this one has the highest likelihood of success in the packaging sector.

Trend 7: Eco-Friendly Choice for Packaging

When it comes to your choice of custom rigid boxes, make sure choose something that is friendly for the environment. Not only does this decision help fulfil your corporate social responsibility, this also makes for a very nice marketing tactic. Prices can be increased and justified on the basis of using environmentally friendly packaging. Rigid packaging helps fulfill this purpose, and an essential way of making sure that your form of rigid packaging is properly environmentally friendly is by getting the facts vetted by another vendor of customized packaging.